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7 Caves To See In Arizona

7 Caves To See In Arizona

Going Into These 7 Caves In Arizona Is Like Entering Another World

If you ever read the Jules Verne classic, Journey to the Center of the Earth, you’ll know that the start of the crew’s journey began by trekking through a volcano and its adjacent tubes. Would you like to make a similar trek but on a more local level? Arizona is home to thousands of caves, caverns, and other cave-like environments.

However, only a tiny fraction of those are open to the public since many are too fragile to endure inexperienced spelunkers stomping through their delicate, unique ecosystems. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll encounter any of the strange flora and fauna that the novel’s team did, there are still plenty of breathtaking sights to set your eyes on.

Which of these places would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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