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Loriant the Studio combines state-of-the-art technology with the experience to create powerful images with a unique photographic vision. Loriant the Studio is an internationally acclaimed photography studio owned by Tony Secker and has clients throughout the world.

Tony pushes the boundaries to create perfect, unique images, building a rapport in order to satisfy client needs – aesthetically, creatively and within budget!

 Extensive experience enables him to work with all aspects of today’s lifestyle, from grand & exotic resorts to the simplest hotels, from the smallest products to the largest cruise ships. He leads the way by delivering exciting images that capture emotions and captivate the viewer.

Loriant the Studio creates images of tomorrow’s dreams today.Tony Secker is a photographer who has been documenting the world for his entire career that spans from photographing the world’s greatest rock bands in his hometown of London, England to remote Komodo Dragons on the islands of Indonesia, from ultra exotic resorts in Bali to the cutest B & B in The English Countryside. Tony has been commissioned to photograph just about every one of the World’s Landmarks, spanning from The Pyramids of Egypt to The Taj Mahal, from London’s Eye to The Sydney Opera House. His experience says it all… you can rely on him to create “The Perfect Image.”

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